User award plan for AIPoker (community version ) begins!

AIPoker released their community version on February 1, 2019.

AIPoker is the first online poker game platform worldwide that integrates AI, big data, and blockchain technologies.

The highlight of AIPoker (community version ) is directly initiating the exclusive “ GRAND JACKPOT” monthly reward and incentive mechanism.

THE AIGAME Foundation will altogether issue 10 billion AIGs, 14%  of which will be input into the construction of ALPoker community and will be unlocked in 24 months. Starting from the community version, ALPoker will inject 10% of the AIGs or  5,833,333 AIGs into GRAND JACKPOT every month.


AIPoker will put all the benefits of the platform into GRAND JACKPOT. Meanwhile, smart contract will be used to justly record the contribution of each AIG holder and community member so as to reward the community regularly based on contribution rate.

Registered users can obtain rewards based on their contribution rate to AIPoker platform only through  a few simple operations. With the accumulated contribution value, users can get engaged in “ GRAND JACKPOT” monthly reward and incentive mechanism, and acquire AIGs in GRAND JACKPOT based on contribution rate. The total quantity of AIGs to be distributed every month exceeds 5.83 million.

 Note: AIG, the token of AIPoker, has been launched on 99ex platform. Opening price 0.00000004BTC. As of January 31, 2019, AIG’s closing price was 0.00000124 BTC.

Download AIPoker (community version ) APP 

AIPoker (community version ) is an extremely precious opportunity for both digital currency investors and Texas Poker lovers to join in the AIPoker program.

Investors can start with AIPoker (community version ) to quickly and stably obtain regular reward through holding AIGs. Texas Poker lovers can start with AIPoker (community version ) to hold AIGs with no cost. In the updated Edition of AIPoker in the next stage, poker lovers’ contribution value can be directly converted into AIGs as access to game competitions.

Teach you how to quickly increase the “contribution value” of AIPoker (community version ) (course)

Optimal method:

Direct holding of AIGs will bring the highest contribution value, which will increase every hour.

Simple operations:

Register as a user of AIPoker (community version ); bind phone number & e-mail to obtain a regulated quantity of contriution value.

Invite new users to join AIPoker (community version ) to obtain accumulative contribution value.


Forward and share the news in AIPoker (community version ) to social media platforms; give likes or sign in every day to obtain contribution value.

Click to read the detailed rules about obtaining the contribution value of AIPoker (community version)

What is AIPoker?

AIPoker is the first online poker game platform worldwide that integrates AI, big data, and blockchain technologies.AIPoker has developed core playing rules with exclusive patent i.e. an AI automated  strategy system that can perform personal consciousness. This innovation will overturn the playing rules of traditional online poker games.

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