User Contribution Reward Rules of AIPoker Community Edition

AIPoker Community Edition is a prioritized version before AIPoker Beta, which is used to preheat and promote for priority user group. Users who join the Community Edition can take the lead in mastering project progress and participating in community promotion and operation before AIPoker Beta, and they will be awarded contribution value and have an opportunity to participate in candy sharing.

The AIPoker Community Edition was developed on January 15, 2019, 75 days ahead of schedule. It will be available for download at 00:00 HKT on February 1, 2019.

Users participating in AIPoker community construction will get AIG in GRAND JACKPOT according to the proportion of contribution value through a monthly community feedback incentive mechanism– GRAND JACKPOT, which is originated by AIPoker.

GRAND JACKPOT is AIPoker’s original mechanism. AIPoker invests all the revenues of the platform to GRAND JACKPOT and fairly records the contribution values of each AIG holder and community member with the intelligent contract, and regularly gives back to community members in accordance with their contribution values. With the aid of GRAND JACKPOT mechanism, AIPoker returns revenue to participants who continuously contribute to the platform. At the same time, it also makes the community operate sustainably in a long time to meet the common needs of participants on the platform according to the community consensus.

Contribution Award Rules of Prioritized Version of AIPoker Community are as follows:

(Note: The login contribution value incentive of Prioritized Version of AIPoker Community will be implemented according to the contribution value incentive mechanism established by AIPoker Platform. Continuous daily login will enjoy the weighted contribution value incentive. Users who fail to continuously login will not be rewarded with a weighted contribution value.)


The Description of GRAND JACKPOT Feedback Mechanism of AIPoker Community Edition:

  1. The AIGAME Foundation has issued 10 billion AIGs, 14% of which will be invested in to support AIPoker community construction and will be respectively unlocked in 24 months. AIPoker Community Edition will invest 10% of them, a total   of 5,833,333 AIGs to GRAND JACKPOT every month.
    Calculating formula: AIGs monthly invested by Community Edition = total number of AIGs issued by the platform * community construction proportion / unlocking cycle of community construction fund * initial investment proportion = 10 billion x 14% / 24 * 10% = 5,833,333.
  2. In AIPoker Community Edition, the fees generated when users withdraw and transfer AIGs will be returned directly to GRAND JACKPOT, and all the fees will be returned to community users.
  3. At 23:59:00 on the last day of each month, GRAND JACKPOT of AIPoker Community Edition will make monthly full feedback.
    All monthly AIGs in GRAND JACKPOT will automatically be returned to users according to the proportion of the contribution value created by them to the community.

    For example, assuming that user A contributes 5% of the total community contribution value in a month, user A will get 5% of the AIGs in GRAND JACKPOT.
    (Note: After the monthly full feedback of GRAND JACKPOT, users need to operate by themselves to transfer the AIGs rewarded by personal contribution value of this month to their personal wallet. If the user fails to collect it manually for more than a month, the uncollected AIGs will be automatically returned to GRAND JACKPOT in the next month.) 
  4. At 00:00 on the first day of each month, the AIPoker Community Edition will restart the GRAND JACKPOT of this month. 10 percent of the newly invested 14% community construction cost, a total of 5,833,333 AIGs, will be taken as feedback foundation of AIPoker Community Edition’s GRAND JACKPOT of this month.
  5.  AIPoker will always insist the attitude that it will never profit from operating revenue, 100% of which will be returned to the community. Besides, all the revenue generated from games, events and activities on the platform will be returned to GRAND JACKPOT. Let the wisdom and contribution of all players and contributors be valued, and create a truly decentralized community business form.

During the development and operation of AIPoker, users can monitor the project process and related funds at any time. The AIGame Foundation publishes the address of AIPoker wallet as follows:

 The above User Contribution Reward Rules are applicable to AIPoker Community Edition, and the right of interpretation is owned by AIPoker.
Rules will be changed or updated according to platform operation strategy, actual situation, and collective suggestions and requirements from community users. If there are any changes, it should be subject to the latest news released on AIPoker’s official website and AIPoker Community Edition.